Sponsorship options

Listed below are our sponsorship options. There is a limited number of packages available, so don't take too long to decide!

We think that working together with our sponsors to create amazing experiences gives the best return on the investment, so please send us your ideas and we will work something out.

We also have a set of standard sponsorship packages which is listed below. If you decide you want to contribute as a Tier 3 sponsor, then you are entitled to contribute with other things than what is listed below. You can buy everyone coffee, bring ice cream or something else.

Standard packages

Tier Description Price
Tier 1
  • Logo on website
  • Mention in opening and closing talks
  • Displayed logo during breaks
  • Logo displayed in online videos
  • 1 ticket
25 000 NOK
Tier 2
  • Flag / banner inside the conference venue (provided by you)
  • Logo lanyard (provided by you)
  • Mention in social media
35 000 NOK
Tier 3
  • Stands / booth / exhibition
  • 2 extra tickets
50 000 NOK

Sponsor specials

In addition to the regular sponsorship packages we want to provide sponsors with other options for marketing their brand by helping us with some specifics related to the conference. These are exclusive packages only available to one sponsor.

Barista at the venue Cover expenses related to having baristas serve amazing coffee Somewhere between 30-40 000 NOK (we are still negotiating the price)
Sponsor of the Open Mic Night Be the exclusive sponsor of this pre-event which takes place the day before the conference where anyone can do a talk. 20 000 NOK

If your are interested in sponsoring Web Rebels or if you want to find out more, contact us today!