About the Web Rebels Conference

The Web Rebels conference is a non-profit, community driven conference for everyone who loves developing applications and services using web technology. There are 16 speakers and 150 attendees this year. Nobody involved with organizing the conference receives any money or other benefits from hosting the conference. Our speaker policy is that speaks at the conference are getting paid only for their travel and accommodation.

We are proud members of the JSConf family of events. If you want to get a feel for what the conference is about checkout our videos or photos from previous years.

We Love the Community

We love our community and we've set aside 30% of the profits made during the conference to community groups throughout the Nordic region. We want to give something back to the community that fuels our conference, they are the ones who do the hard work of putting up events month after month. This is our way of recognizing their hard work.

Conference Code of Conduct

Everyone taking part in the Web Rebels Conference must abide by the JSConf Code of Conduct. We all want these couple of days to be unforgettable, so let's just have a great time!

This years website design

The amazing design for this years website is done by the incredible Elisabeth Irgens, make sure you book her for your design jobs!